Welcoming Lunchtime and Obedovat

If there’s one thing we love as much as an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s extending our already fast-growing multi-country presence. We’re delighted to announce that Lunchtime and Obedovat, the largest lunch menu websites in the Czech Republic and Slovakia respectively, are now a part of Zomato

Over the course of building up our European operations, we’ve observed that lunch menus are key to the dining behavior in the Central and Eastern European region. With lunch menus for over 5000 restaurants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Lunchtime and Obedovat provide us with a great platform onto which we can build Zomato’s features. More importantly, we’re joining forces with teams that resonate with our cultural values, have invaluable insights and experience in the local markets, and are as passionate as we are about helping people find great places to grab a bite or a drink. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the founding teams of both companies, and we’re really excited about our collaborative potential.

Together, we’ll be able to build the largest restaurant information resource in the region – going beyond just lunch menus – so you’re spoiled for choice whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To keep things running smoothly, and offering the best of both worlds to users and merchants alike, we’ll be gradually integrating Lunchtime and Obedovat into Zomato over the coming weeks. This approach worked beautifully for us when we welcomed New Zealand’s MenuMania into the fold, and we’ll be looking to carry it across to some of the upcoming markets in our pipeline.

For now, we’d just like to say a big welcome and na zdraví to the newest members of the Zomato family.

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