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Deepinder Goyal | March 1, 2019 | 4 min read
Hyperpure v0.2 – now set to supply 2500+ restaurants every day in Bangalore

A single thread unites the entire chain of Zomato lines of businesses — better food for more people. Everything we do to bring together restaurants, consumers, food suppliers and logistics partners, works towards ensuring more people have access to fresh and clean food. As part of our efforts to achieve this end state, we’ve also begun taking steps towards supplying clean and sustainable supplies to restaurants that care about serving their customers with the best food possible.

This development kickstarted in August 2018 with the launch of Hyperpure by Zomato. Within three months of launch, we rapidly grew to supplying 350 restaurants in Bangalore by November 2018 (and subsequently nearly 1,000 restaurants, today). This remarkable increase in demand led us to realise we needed a significantly larger scale of operations to meet the growing need for ingredients and produce.

Last week, we moved from a 6,000 sq. ft warehouse in Bengaluru (able to supply 200-250 metric tons a month) to a 30,000 sq. ft space built to a 4,000 metric ton capacity per month. This means, using an end-to-end technology driven platform, custom-built for this leg of the food value chain, we can now service over 2,500 restaurants every day.

Soon, we’ll be launching an even larger warehouse in Delhi, followed by launching Hyperpure in 9 more cities across India by the end of this year, and eventually, across our international markets!

Fresh, clean food isn’t limited to hygienically prepared, tasty dishes. It goes beyond the walls of the kitchen to the warehouses from which ingredients are procured, and the farms that grow the crop.

Through Hyperpure by Zomato – a first-of-its-kind initiative – restaurants now have access to the freshest, most high quality ingredients available in the market, at competitive prices; with consumers benefiting, too. Restaurants can buy everything from vegetables & fruits, poultry (including antibiotic residue-free chicken), groceries, meats, seafood, and dairy; to beverages, and even eco-friendly packaging.

How does this work?

  • Restaurateurs can download the Hyperpure app (iOS and Android) or sign up on hyperpure.com and on-board themselves
  • It then takes less than 48 hours to be fully set-up to place orders and receive fresh and clean supplies from Hyperpure
  • Through the app, restaurateurs can search for items, place orders, pay, and even choose credit periods

At Hyperpure, we work directly with a large network –– farmers, mills, producers, and processors –– and carefully build and monitor our relationships with the source of each of our products. This way we’re able to provide the freshest, most high-quality-produce, while continuing to build affordability, accessibility and convenience around food.

We currently have over 100 suppliers in our system; one of whom is Lokesh, who drives over 30 km from his village to transport his agri-produce to a warehouse in KR Puram, Bengaluru. His phenomenal success with HyperPure has led to over a dozen others who have joined our network, with plans for many more to come on board the platform.

What problems does Hyperpure solve?

  • The primary purpose behind Hyperpure was to help the restaurant industry make better food for more people. Now, we are able to drive transparency and accountability across the food supply value chain, and demand the highest quality produce from our suppliers. For example, Hyperpure only supplies ‘antibiotic residue-free’ chicken to restaurants.
  • We are integrating rainwater harvesting, and also composting for waste (which is then given back to the farmers). And gradually, we are working with farmers to help them get rid of pesticides, and avoid the use of any chemicals while growing their produce.
  • This is also a first-of-its-kind initiative at scale that is breaking down the supply chain so less people are involved, and more efficiency is created (thereby reducing food wastage). Also, every fresh ingredient that we source can be traced back to the farm it has come from. In some time, when you are eating palak paneer at your favorite desi restaurant, we will be able to tell you where the palak came from, and when it was harvested.
  • Serving as an aggregator, we are able to better forecast demand and therefore source on a larger scale.

Hyperpure only supplies the highest quality produce available in the market at scale right now, and we are pushing the envelope to raise the quality of food ingredients being produced in our country. Since only the restaurants that are keen on dishing out the highest quality meals care to buy from Hyperpure, we also help them spread more awareness about the good choices that they are making by showcasing the ‘HYPERPURE INSIDE’ tag on restaurants’ pages on Zomato.

In a world that’s migrating further away from home-cooked meals, trusting that you can order-in or dine-out guilt-free, because the restaurants you love buy fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced direct from local farmers, is central to our mission. And food quality is an endless mission; we will always be 1% done when it comes to “better food for more people”.

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