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Durga Raghunath | September 25, 2019 | 2 min read
1000 restaurants are now LGBTQIA-friendly on Zomato

A couple of months ago, we introduced LGBTQIA tags for restaurants to help drive a change in mind-set. While we hoped for a time when the tag would be redundant, we committed ourselves to constantly signalling change. This particular decision was in line with our core values – there should be no place for prejudice and intolerance in our society whether it’s inside the workplace or a restaurant. Further, our ecosystem is so rich in diversity – users, restaurants and delivery partners – that we simply can’t make any distinctions based on prejudice or bias.

We can see that the introduction of LGBTQIA tags is already playing a useful role for users and are helping restaurants. Three months later, as promised, we reached out to restaurants again to see if they would carry the tag and we have been overwhelmed by the response.

Compared to May, there has been a 106% uptick in the number of restaurants wanting to carry the tag – totaling closer to 1000 restaurants –  that are proudly displaying the welcoming tags on their Zomato pages. They are currently active in 7 cities in India (NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune) and there are plans to extend this development to other cities as well. 

Fortunately, the beauty of our marketplace is that any establishment that fulfills set criteria can list itself on Zomato. Similarly, anyone can order and anyone can deliver your order. While there are checks and balances designed for neutrality, the core is democratic. This setting allows a rather free movement of food, restaurant types and every kind of user.

Again, we are truly overwhelmed by the tremendous response we’ve received from early adopters of the program. We will keep reaching out to the restaurant community to expand this base.

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