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Durga Raghunath | September 13, 2019 | 3 min read
Introducing Zomato Originals

Biryani and Salan. Bacon and Eggs. Salt and Pepper. Pinot Noir and Caviar. Some things go together, and so do food and streaming videos. A lot of our users associate food with streaming online – consuming their favourite grub while watching something online has become the norm. Even if ‘binge-watching’ is a recent phenomenon, the classic TV Dinner is decades old. And we are constantly trying to find ways to give our users more reasons to love food.

Interestingly, most of our users spend a lot of time on our app on a daily basis. This presents the perfect opportunity to discover our video food streams that will make them laugh, learn and come back for more. So, we thought, why not jump right in and redefine a food prime time?

Starting Monday (16th September), Zomato will launch 18 Original Shows over the course of the next three months. Available in an all-new “Videos” tab in the Zomato app, videos will be categorized by genre letting users watch 3-15 minute videos across shows, recipes and Sneak Peek restaurant stories. The Zomato video experience will launch with 2000+ videos that include Zomato Originals, which will be available to stream in India, while Sneak Peek and recipe videos can be accessed anywhere in the world.

All Zomato Original shows are around food but with a twist. Comedy, reality, fiction, advice, celebrity interviews will explore food in unique, engaging and entertaining videos.

Check out some of the binge-worthy pairings:

Catch the trailer here.

Food and You with Sanjeev Kapoor – You know him as India’s best-known Chef. Now get to know him as a food expert with an under 3-minute daily show that breaks myths and changes the way you think about food and your body.

Banake Dikha with Sumukhi Suresh – One of India’s best known stand-up comics and food nutritionists, Sumukhi is laugh-out-loud funny as she teaches you how to get the basics right.

Grandmaster Chef with Sahil Shah – Comic Sahil Shah has had a brainwave. He wants to learn age-old recipes from his own grandmother and everyone else’s in town.

Starry meals with Janice – Social media star Janice Sequeira takes a romp across some famous Bollywood kitchens as they feed her their personal faves. Diana Penty, Tapsee Pannu, The Pandey Family, Aditi Rao Hydari, Rajkummar Rao and Armaan Malik don’t just diet, they obsess about food!

Dude, where’s the food with Jordindian – There is lazy and then there is ‘Jordindian Lazy’. You’ll never need an excuse to order-in again.

Race Against the App – Neville Shah, Aadar Malik and Kautuk Srivastava are racing against an order, trying to beat the clock to win. Watch who wins in this gut-splittingly funny segment.

We’ve combined all things food with binge-worthy genres and came up with a diverse slate of shows. With shows and videos in both English and Hindi, we hope every corner of India will tune in to Zomato.

All episodes are bite-sized, between 3 and 15 minutes. They are primarily shot in a vertical frame, which is ideal for app-based mobile viewing. The playlists will help you get started and binge your way through. 

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