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Deepinder Goyal | May 21, 2019
And the Food vote is in…

In the first 36 hours of polling, 776,127 users have ordered and voted on Zomato.

While the Tier 1 cities are polling heavily for the prime minister, the smaller cities are throwing up a few surprises. More than 20 small cities across the south and a few surprises in the North are polling alternatives.

Here is a map that highlights the trends we see so far:

As the results day approaches, we always wonder about the undecideds: who are they and will they have an effect on this election? Do they not vote because they are confused, don’t like any of the options or simply don’t have an opinion. Well, Zomato Election League has an option even for them.

Here are the rules:

  • Just like predicting the winner of the match in the recently concluded Zomato Premier League (ZPL), users will get to predict the next PM of India.
  • Users will get a base 40% discount every time they order and 30% cashback if their predictions are true.
  • Anyone can order and predict as many times until 22nd May and will get cashback for the number of times their predictions are true. These credits will keep getting added to your wallet once the next PM is elected.

So come on, launch the app and tap a button!

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