Vaibhav Bhutani | September 1, 2023 | 3 min read
Introducing Zomato AI: Your Foodie Buddy

We are excited to introduce Zomato AI, a groundbreaking innovation that is more than just a chatbot. This intelligent, intuitive, and interactive foodie has been meticulously designed to assist you in placing orders. It aligns with your momentarily unique food & beverage preferences, dietary needs, and even your moods!

Let’s dive into how we built it!

Harnessing the Power of the Multiple Agent Framework

One of the most exciting features of Zomato AI is its multiple agent framework. This unique feature equips Zomato AI with a variety of prompts for different tasks, essentially giving it multiple superpowers, ready to serve you at any time. 

Craving a specific dish? Zomato AI will present you with a widget, listing all the restaurants serving your desired dish. Unsure about what to order? No problem! Zomato AI can suggest a list of popular dishes or restaurants, taking the guesswork out of your meal selection.

One of the significant advancements we’ve made is the creation of numerous functions on Zomato that we are able to expose to our AI agents. This allows the AI agents to dynamically call for whatever data they need in order to best serve the customer query. 

Our in-house developed technology seamlessly links together all these multiple prompts and functions, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted conversation with Zomato AI. This innovative feature is another effort to provide a seamless customer experience, making your interaction with Zomato AI as effortless as a chat with a good friend.

Experience Natural Texting

Zomato AI takes the user experience to a whole new level by offering a more natural style of texting, similar to how you text your friends. You can send multiple messages, and Zomato AI will respond back in almost real-time, faster than most of your friends. This unique feature sets Zomato AI apart from all the other AI products you might have used, which allow only one message at a time.

Your Ultimate Foodie Friend

Zomato AI is designed to be your ultimate foodie companion. It’s equipped to answer tough questions like “What should I eat when I’m hungover?” or “Can I eat something that is high protein and low carb?” Zomato AI is focused on helping you find the perfect dish to order when you’re browsing Zomato with a rumbling stomach.

We are incredibly excited about Zomato AI and the potential it has to redefine ordering experiences. We believe it’s a game-changer in discovering the right food or beverage at the right time, and we eagerly await your experience with it. This feature is rolling out gradually to our Zomato Gold Members exclusively. So, prepare yourself to embark on a thrilling culinary journey with Zomato AI, your new foodie companion!

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our devoted team members – Bhavna, Eshna, Anuj from the design team and Robin, Dilip, Chirag,  Mitharan, Sudhanshu, Vaibhav, Soumil, Sukanya, Akshit, Ankit, Sumit, Gaurav, Angad and Sakib. Their tireless efforts have made it possible to bring this product to life on the Zomato App. 

We can’t forget to give a special mention to our ML team for their quick and effective work on this project. Additionally, we want to recognize the extraordinary contributions of Yuvraj, who has played a pivotal role in developing our Generative AI Stack here at Zomato. His work on our internal LLM Orchestrator Service – Firefly, and Vector DB has been invaluable. His leadership on this project, along with Shreya, who has rapidly become one of our top prompt engineers along with her ML chops under the mentorship of Ram Singla, has been truly commendable.

To try out this feature, make sure you have the latest version of the Zomato application and are a Zomato Gold member. We look forward to hearing your feedback on Zomato AI!


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