Vaibhav Kumar | June 12, 2023 | 2 min read
Introducing Zomato Food Trends: Data Insights for All

“What is the best location to open my next restaurant outlet?” 

“What menu prices are optimal to stay competitive in a city?”

“What new dish should I add to my menu to cater to customer preferences?”

The above questions are common concerns raised by restaurant partners who aspire to achieve business growth. However, there is currently a lack of a centralized and dependable resource that can provide them with the necessary analytics and information to make evidence-based decisions in these crucial areas.

But today, we’re changing that!

We have introduced Zomato Food Trends – an initiative that sets the stage for an inclusive data-driven transformation in the restaurant industry.

What is Zomato Food Trends?

Data publication has been a tough knot to untangle in the past. However, we at Zomato are committed to reshaping this landscape, and Zomato Food Trends is our first step in that direction.

Zomato Food Trends is a data analysis platform, custom-made for the restaurant industry. Be it the location to launch new restaurants, setting optimal menu prices, or identifying trending cuisines and dishes, Zomato Food Trends can be leveraged by the restaurant partners to make informed decisions. It provides access to Zomato’s supply-demand trends across India, giving restaurants a data-driven lens into customer preferences and behavior.

A New Era of Open Data Analytics

The most exciting part? Zomato Food Trends is offered at absolutely no cost. Our aim is to democratize aggregated data insights – leveling the playing field, particularly for smaller restaurants, to ensure they can make informed and evidence-based decisions.

Zomato Food Trends is a platform that provides data analysis from millions of transactions across hundreds of cities in India. It aims to help restaurant partners optimize their strategies, attract more customers and drive more growth. It is not just a service, but a commitment towards the growth of the F&B industry and its esteemed restaurant partners. So join us in this data-driven journey and share with us your experiences with Zomato Food Trends.

A big shout out to our product and tech teams that made this possible – Bharath Thulasidoss, Siddharth Khuttan, Tushar Mohan, Caliph, Anmol Arora, and Akash Samal.


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