Deepinder Goyal | May 19, 2023 | 1 min read
Q4FY23 shareholders’ letter and results

Milestone Alert
Our business excluding quick commerce turned Adjusted EBITDA positive in Q4FY23 driven by the food delivery business generating INR 0.78 billion of Adjusted EBITDA in the quarter. In August 2022, we had announced that this business will get to break-even within the next 3-5 quarters, and we are pleased to have delivered on that goal in the third quarter post that announcement 🚀

Next up – we are aiming to get to positive Adjusted EBITDA (and also PAT) on a consolidated basis (including quick commerce) within the next 4 quarters 🔥

(Note: The difference between Adjusted EBITDA and Profit after Tax (PAT) has narrowed significantly over time)


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