Communications Team | March 22, 2023 | 1 min read
Celebrating the best in the Industry

The Restaurant Industry in India today, truly brings India’s diversity on a platter and makes this world a smaller place, one bite at a time. We are sure you have your favourites that govern your taste buds. From the iconic ‘chole bhature and chaap‘ in Delhi to the mouth-watering ‘Haleem‘ in Hyderabad, or even the ‘Student favourites’ dining places‘ in Pune, we have something for everyone, courtesy of our restaurant partners.

With just that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the return of Zomato Restaurant Awards after a long hiatus. Our mission is to honour those special places that have become a part of our lives and traditions. The pandemic has redefined our relationship with food, but the love for food is eternal. The Zomato Restaurant Awards is our way of giving a platform to our customers to recognise and celebrate the best restaurants in each category.

We believe that customers should have a say in which restaurants are the best, and that’s why our awards are by the customers and for the customers. Every vote counts towards making that restaurant, which has brought so much joy and happiness to your lives, receive the recognition it deserves.

Join us as we give back to the restaurants that truly deserve it and create more memories over delicious food and dining experiences. 

The power to choose is in your hands! Start voting now on the Zomato app.

Our robust system effectively detects and nullifies spam behaviour and fraudulent votes, ensuring that only genuine contributions are counted.


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